miércoles, 20 de mayo de 2015

Warning: you are becoming an adult!

It is the (sometimes) the sad truth, most of the time it is the resignation truth.

Life changes constantly. It is not the same when you used to live with your parents or when you were in college. The really REALLY big change comes when you have a baby (become a parent). 

I guess that in essence I'm still the same honest, thoughtful and loving person, with my loud laugh and my curly hair. But I've noticed a lot of differences between the 20 year old Andrea and the almost 30 year-old-to-be Andrea.

Here's a small list of adulthood signs that I'm pretty sure is getting bigger everyday:
  • I want to go to sleep at around 10pm.
  • Staying up pass midnight means having an awful next day (worse with alcohol involved)
  • I actually refer to 20 somethings as kids.
  • When I get sick, I suck it up, take some pills and keep going. No time to complain.
  • High heels are never an option.
  • Stains on my clothes are the least of my concerns.
  • More than 4 drinks (sometimes less) means I'm already tipsy.
  • Silence is both dangerous and appreciated.
  • I need a big calendar to remember stuff (also my phone calendar).
There are so many more...you get the idea.

Do you feel the same way?