jueves, 19 de marzo de 2015

Blue, pink and yellow

If you have been invited to a baby shower before or if you are organizing one, you might notice that wherever you look, wherever you go, the main categories are: boy, girl and neutral. I don't know about you but I find this very upsetting, there is no imagination, no variety. By the way, all baby showers should always be mixed (women, men)

Girls: cupcakes, crowns, glitter, sparkles, flowers, ladybugs.
Boys: cars, dinosaurs, monsters, tools, ships, fish.
Neutral: turtles, giraffes, ducks, bears.

Everything is so categorized that later on when the kids are older they don't want anything to do with cars if they are girls, and nothing to do with flowers if they are boys, isn't that awful? Both boys and girls should be free to play and relate with more than a couple of things. If we want to change our mindset, to do better in terms of gender equality maybe we can start here. Small choices big changes.

Sometimes I decide to buy in the boys section, I like the colors, the patterns and pictures. I want diversity: monsters and animals without the sparkle or the bows. Is that too much to ask?

Because of this, many people in the street think that my baby is a boy... just because she's wearing something blue! And even worse, they looked at me as if I were a freak of the nature, I can even feel the disapproval and the judgment.

I'm also aware that in the future, when my baby gets older, she might want to wear pink and glittery things, and I'll let her do it. However, if we teach and nurture diversity and equality, maybe our kids will grow up with a better sense of taste: less committed to the big brands, marketing, movies and TV.

There are so many colors, textures, shades, hues, graphics, very capable designers and people in the industry. But for what? So we can have the same options as always?

Let's break the mold.

Let's change paradigms.

Let's shop local.

Let's DIY.

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