jueves, 19 de marzo de 2015


I feel very proud of who I am and of my country, with its culture and traditions. However, life doesn't resolve around these feelings. Like that old theory about the Earth as the center of the universe, it's simply impossible 

Yes, as the social animals we are, we want to have friends and belong somewhere; but pride can get very treacherous when over exaggerated, turning a nice person into a mean and disrespectful one.

We live in a city where different cultures, ethnicities and countries mix together to create diversity. For example, in a single day you can order some chilaquiles (crisp fried tortilla strips or triangles topped with spicy tomatillo sauce, sour cream, onions and cheese) at a Mexican restaurant, have falafel for lunch, eat sushi at dinner, have a doughnut and maybe indulge some ice cream. All of that in one day, in the same city! That's really amazing!

You want to have friends and be part of the status quo, but at the same time unique and independent. The best thing to do is find the balance between these two: a middle ground where your heritage meets your open-minded lifestyle, like fusion cuisine or when you wear your Levi's jeans, your converse sneakers, your H&M top and your vintage handbag.

Be proud but also be humble.

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