viernes, 27 de marzo de 2015

I wanna taco about it!

There are really good cooks in my family. To name a few:
  • My grandmother's rice is the best.
  • My aunt's lasagna makes me eat more than I should.
  • My other aunt makes the spiciest salsas. Sometimes deathly.
  • My mom's mole enchiladas.

I could go on and on, but I'm just going to say that the kitchen and the cooking are part of our life. We spend a lot of our time chatting in the kitchen, helping or stealing little bits of this and that. Have you seen that meme about Mexicans sorting the beans? Well, it's true. Since I was a kid either my mom or my grandma would ask me to help them with the beans, and now that I think about it, it might only be a distraction to keep us all calm and concentrated.

Both of my parents taught my the basics, the stuff you need to "survive" and maybe a little bit more than that. I learned to be alone from a very young age; not by choice but because of necessity. At the end of middle school I was rocking my time alone, enjoying it and finding all the perks (especially when you're a teenager).
It was not an easy ride. I have to say, at first I was sad and not very disciplined, reheating everything in the microwave oven and doing the dishes at the very last minute... a total mess. Until one day out of nowhere I got tired of my laziness and I felt this urge of being better.

So, I learned to disciplined myself.

I started to cook and experiment; to give myself the time and quality I deserve. Something delicious that would satisfy my hunger and my mind. It was more like an intuitive approach, without Pinterest recipes or YouTube videos.

Later, much later on, my lovely husband gave me my very first recipe book... precious and all mine. It is called The Joy of Cooking, the number one cook book you need and the best seller of all times. I've seen it in every house I've been into in the US.

To summarize, living in New York changes the way you cook, your taste buds are now thirsty for new stuff, like it or not there are more options and more flavors than in Mexico, and of course you want to make the fusion, to integrate your cuisine with others. That's how you get kimchi tacos or jalapeño mac&cheese.Yummy!

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